Kenzo Labs announced its strategic partnership with Caring Meadow

We Are Pleased to Announce Our New Partnership with Caring Meadow – Incubated by a veteran DAO structured team which is supported by Rescue Fund.

About Caring Meadow

Caring Meadow is a blockchain-based NFT breeding game that is created with love and passion. The game is built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, providing players with a transparent, secure, and decentralized platform.

NFT is at the core of Caring Meadow. Every animal in the game is a unique NFT with distinct attributes. Players can obtain NFTs and a variety of game items from mystery box and treasure box through gameplay. NFTs can be breed and paired in the game. $Yeah! and $Gems will be generated during breeding and can be used in further breeding and trading process.

Caring Meadow is always expanding to provide players more games with an excellent game experience. The game features a well-designed breeding system embedded with a subtle donation mechanism as well as a player-owned economy where players have complete ownership of their digital assets. Players can own, trade and collect digital assets through gameplay.

The game is supported by the charitable organization Rescue Fund in the US intends to help and protect animals in reality. 5% of every transaction occurs in the game goes to the Animal Love Foundation as charity fund for animal protection.

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